New Replacement 18V 5000mAH Lithium Ion Rechargeable Tool Battery for Ryobi 18-Volt Tool P122 P102 P103 P105 P107 P108

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New Replacement 18V 5000mAH Lithium Ion Rechargeable Tool Battery for Ryobi 18-Volt Tool P122 P102 P103 P105 P107 P108


Condition:100% Brand New Replacement Battery(Not Original)

Item: Battery for Ryobi

Battery Type: Lithium

Voltage: 18V

Capacity: 5000mAh/90Wh

Charging at any time will have no effect on the battery.

Replace Original Batteries Models:

BPL-1815, BPL-1820G, BPL18151, BPL1820, P102, P103 P104, P105, P106, P107, P108, P109

Compatible Models:

Note: Do not work with "Ryobi P261 18V ONE+ 3-Speed 1/2 in. Cordless Impact Wrench"

for RYOBI ONE+ 18-Volt Cordless Drill Power Tool

BID-1801M, BID-180L, BID1821, BIW180, CAD-180L, CAG-180M, CAP-1801M, CCC-1801M, CCC-180L,CCD-1801, CCG-1801M, CCG-180L, CCS-1801/DM, CCS-1801/LM, CCS-1801D, CCS-1801LM, CCW-180L, CDA-18021B, CDA1802, CDA18021B, CDA18022B, CDA1802M, CDC-181M,CDI-1802, CDI-1802M, CDI-1803, CDI-1803M, CID-1802M, CID-1803L, CID-1803M, CID-182L, CID-183L, CFA-180M, CFP-180FM, CFP-180S, CFP-180SM, CHD-1801M, CHI-1802M, CHP-1802M, CHV-180L, CHV-18WDM, CJS-180L, CJS-180LM, CJSP-1801QEOM, CJSP-180QEO, OBL-1801, OCS-1840, OGS-1820, OHT-1850, OLT-1830, OPS-1820, ORS-1801, OWD-1801M, P200, P2000, P2002, P201, P203, P204, P206, P2060, P208B, P210, P2100, P2102, P2105, P211, P220, P221, P230, P234G, P236, P240, P2400, P241, P246, P250, P2500, P2600, P2603, P271, P300, P301, P310, P3200, P3300, P3310, P340, P400, P410, P420, P430, P500, P501, P506, P510, P514, P520, P521, P522, P530, P540, P570, P600, P610, P631K, P650, P700, P701G, P703, P704, P710, P711, P715, P716, P730, P731, P740, P741, P780, P813, P835

Warm Notes:

1.Please FULLY charged battery before first use.

2.If you are not going to use the battery for a month or longer, store it in a clean, dry, cool place away from fire and water.

3.Please recharge it after long storage . As Ni-Cd/Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage.

4.Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact.

Package content:

1 * 18V 5.0A Lithium Ion Rechargeable Tool Battery for Ryobi

1 * User Manual

Dydis Prismatic
Pakaitinis Akumuliatorius Taip
Nominalus Galingumas 5000mah/5.0 Ah
Rinkinys Tipas Baterijų Tik
Komplektacija Paketas 1
Baterijos Tipas
Baterijų Skaičius 1pcs
Pakeisti dėl
Modelio Numeris P108
Tipas Li-Ion
Prekės Pavadinimas LERRANC
Kostiumas Įrankiai
Pakuotės Svoris 0.9kg (1.98lb.)
Pakuotės Dydis 10cm x 12cm x 10cm (3.94in x 4.72in x 3.94in)
Įrenginio Tipas gabalas

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